Paris  Adventures 6/10 – 6/11

Our Contiki adventure has officially begun! Saturday morning we set out from London and drove 2hrs to Dover.  It was in Dover where we took the ferry across the English Channel to the French town of Calais.

Once we reached Calais we drove to Paris while only making a few short stops along the way.

Once we reached the hotel, as a group we sat down and had a nice dinner of roasted duck with diced  potatoes and bean pods.  It was quite good!

After that we took a quick drive around the city to see where some of the largest and most popular attractions are.  The biggest ones being the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triumph.

Once the quick tour was over the entire group set out on the town to celebrate our first night in Paris.  It was a great time!

Today Andy and I had the day to ourselves to explore the city.  We first went to the Eiffel Tower and took the elevator to the top for a nice scenic view.  We then walked to the Champs Elysees and took pictures of the Arch we Triumph.  We then walked all the way to the Louvre where we spent 2 hours exploring the museum.

Today we walked a total of 14 miles in 85° weather.  It was exhausting but still really fun.

Tomorrow we will be leaving France and heading to lucerne switzerland!

A lot of the pictures I took don’t need cut lines because as the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  There’s not much I can say that would add to the pictures to be honest.

The white cliffs of Dover.

A small view of the massive city that it Paris.

The Arch de Triumph was built by Napoleon so he could march his troops through it after a victorious battle. Now it is the famed finish line for the Tour de France.
The Champs Elysees is famous for being one of the wealthiest shopping districts in all the world. It leads right up twords the Arch de Triumph.
The Louvre is easily the most famous art museum in the world. It’s home to 35,000 different paintings. It’s said that if one looked at each item of art in the Louvre for 30s it would take 8months to see every item in the museum.
Leonardo Da Vincis “Mona lisa”.
The famed “Venus de Milo”
This is one example of how ornate and decorative the ceilings are in the Louvre.
This is one of thousands of paintings on the ceiling in the Louvre.
This fountain marks the location of where one of the two guillotines stood during the French Revolution. This one in particular marks the location of where King Louis the 16th was killed.

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