Switzerland 6/12 – 6/13

The only way to describe switzerland is in two words. Absolutely Amazing.  The biggest reason why I chose to go on the European Vista trip for contiki was because it went into Switzerland.

We drove into Lucern on Monday night and enjoyed and nice meal with all of our friends on the tour.  The evening was concluded with a few beers while watching the sun set over the Alps. Breathtaking.

Today was full of busy activities and large purchases.  We started the day off by taking a gondola to the top of a near by mountain.  Andy and I chose to hike around and explore the mountain.  We ended running into a mountain goat that we named Reginold.

After the hike was finished we ended up missing our tour bus due to some complications with time management.  So we pulled an “Amazing Race” and managed to navigate through the city and found our group.  It was rather stressful.

After lunch we ventured into a Swiss watch and army knife store.  I splurged and purchased a watch and knife.

After this shopping spree the group went on a cruise around the Lucern lake.  It was really hot but the cheap beers helped manage the heat stroke.

The night was concluded with another nice three course meal and friendly socialization.

While in Switzerland I did managed to squeeze a few runs in.  I did two 9 mile runs.  It was basically me running down the mountain and crawling back up it to where our hotel was.  The views made it 100% worth it though.

The clouds the background are hiding the snow caped peak of the alps but the view is still breathtaking
This is Reginold the mountain goat that we came across

As the clouds dissipated the snow caped peak of the mountains in the alps became partially viable

The Lucern Bridge is famous for having burned smdown four times in its past. This current bridge is 300 years old

The Lion monument in Lucern is dedicated to the fallen Swiss soldiers who lost their lives in the French revolution trying to protect the king of france


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