Florence 6/16 -6/17 

After our brief but much needed stop in Monaco and Nice we made way for Florence in Italy. The drive took up the majority of the day.  However, we did stop and get to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa which was pretty cool!

When we arrived to our hotel we quickly changed our clothes and went out to a traditional Tuscan 5 course dinner.  It was amazing.  Being an American I’m use to massive portions when going out to eat.  This place did not disappoint at all.  I was already in a food coma before the main course (floratine beef) came out.

Today we only had a few hours to spend in the city unfortunately.  We were able to tour a leather workshop and parts of an  jewellery workshop as well.

After this we walked around on a guided tour exploring some of Florence’s largest attractions.

To be honest I can’t remember the name of every statue we saw but, Florence is essentially an outdoor art gallery.  The largest and most amazing attraction we saw was The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore.

After a couple hours of walking around in the blistering sun, Andy and I decided to take refuge in a small pizza shop.  It was delicious!  Afterwords we walked a short ways up the road and treated ourselves to some Italian gelato.  It was amazing!

For dinner  Andy and I went to a local restaurant.  With the help of some bilingual English tourists we were able to order some of the best pasta I’ve ever had. The price was also unbeatable!

After our short excursion in Florence we made our way to Rome.  Tomorrows adventures will be pretty amazing!

This is the complex where the Tower of Pisa is located.  The tower was built to be a bell tower however, there was a mistake when building it that caused to tilt.

This is an original replica of the “Statue of David” by Michaelagelo.  The statue sits in one of many Florence’s squares

This is one of the famous statues that fill the streets in Florence 

This is the oldest bridge in all of Florence.  It was able to survive WWII unlike the other bridges in the city



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