Nice and Monaco 6/14 -6/15

After only spending a few nights in Switzerland we packed up our thing bright and early and made our way back to France. We ended up spending two nights in the town of Nice, which is well known for its popular beaches. Nice also boarders Monaco which is a small micro country know for being a vacation destination for the world’s wealthiest people.
The first night in Nice, as a group, went out to eat at a small local restaurant that was in close proximity to the beach.  The food was amazing and so was the comradery.  Later that night we all went to a local bar and enjoyed some live music and cheap drinks.

The next day was purely dedicated to doing whatever we wanted till dinner time.  Since it has been a long time since either Andy or myself had been to the beach, we decided to spend all day at a private beach.

The water was relaxing and the views were stunning.

Later in the evening we decided to have dinner in Monaco which is only a short bus ride away from Nice.  The food was amazing and the ice cream I had for dessert was the best I’ve ever had.

After dinner we hit up the world famous casinos with expectations in mind to win enough money to pay off our student loans.  That didn’t happen.  However, I won 200 bucks playing black jack and Andy lost 60 bucks.

After the casinos we walked over records the parking lot to gaze in amazement at the luxury cars ranging from Ferraris to Rolls Royces.

This stop on our adventure was short but the day at the beach was much needed.

Due to the horrible wifi in the last hotel this post was a tad late.

The streets of Nice at night are filled with many different kinds of shops and restaurants.
Since the beaches in Nice are rocky, many people chose to pay for private beaches for day use.
The water was colder than expected but was very refreshing.
Off in the distance are able to see the outskirts of Monaco.  Both Nice and Monaco boarder each other making travel between the two easy.
A beautiful view of Monaco in the distance

This is the chapel where the prince of Monaco was married in 1950

This is the Royal Palace in Monaco.  If you look at the flag pole you will notice that there is no flag on it which means the Prince is not home.
Just a couple of higher rollers

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