Rome 6/18/17 – 6/19/17

After a brief visit in Florence we ventured our way to the capital if Italy.  Rome.  This stop on our Contiki adventure was by far the most memorable and exciting one for me yet.

Rome is arguably where modern civilization was started and so many historical events took place in Rome.

To be perfectly honest I was a little over-whelmed.

The first night all Andy and I did was find a really good restaurant to eat in because we opted out of a “me time” dinner.

The morning after started off on a high note.  We began our Sunday morning by visiting the Vatican to revive a public blessing by the Pope.

Afterwords we walked around in search of a place to eat.  The restaurant that we ate at was near three large fountains.  Due to the location to these landmarks the food was rather expensive.

Concluding lunch we made our way to the Collusieum.  Words can’t really describe what I saw.  The ancient stadium was not as large as I expected but I was told back in the day it was able to hold 75,000 blood thirsty spectators.

At the end of our Colosseum tour we had time to explore the Roman theater.  To those that are unfamiliar with the Roman theater, it was basically the Washington DC of ancient Rome.  It was mind blowing.

After a long day of seeing land Mark after landmark we ended our day tired and mind blown. (Images will be provided).

The next morning we set out to Venice.  However,  no trip to Rome would be complete without a tour of the Vatican.

It was there I was able to see the sealing of the famed Sistine Chapel.  It was absolutely breath taking.  No pictures were allowed but I managed to take a few poor ones.

If this post seems a little dry on information I’m sorry.  To go into detail about what I saw would take a very longtime.  I hope the pictures I took bring me some redemption.

The Pope stands in a window of the Vatican Palace and delivers a Sunday blessing to thousands of eager spectators.
A closer image of the Pope delivering his Sunday blessing.  Even though I’m not Catholic it was still really cool to see such a powerful world leader in person… Even though it was a sister mile away.
This is the colosseum.  This stadium is large than a majority of modern college football stadiums.  In this stadium thousands were killed for pure entertainment.
Only every eight years a few are granted access to the floor of the colosseum.  This is was it would have felt like to stand on the floor of the colosseum.
This is what it would have felt like to say d in the colosseum 1800 years ago, to watch some of humanities worst most criminal acts on one another.
The Colosseum from a different angle.
The Roman Theater was once the capital of the Roman Empire.  Now it lays in ruin consumed by the modern age.

The Trevi fountain is well known for being a wishing fountain. Each year around 1 million euros are collected from the fountain.
The Pantheon.
The sun setting over the Vatican City.

A terrible image off my phone of the Sistine chapel ceiling.
The entrance of the Saint Peters Basilika 
This statue of Mary holding Jesus is one of Michelangelos most famous works of art.

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