Venice 6/20 – 6/21 

After our trip to Rome we drove North to Venice. As soon as we got to the hotel we were greeted with many interesting things.  One being a toilet in the shower and the first below average meal of the trip (poorly cooked chicken and French fries).

Those where the only negatives of this stop. However some would argue having a toilet and shower in such close proximity would be a benefit.

The next day we toured around Venice and learned a lot about its rich history in trading.

After a long tour we stopped at a very nice Italian restaurant and enjoyed some really good pizza.  Venice is primarily light on tourism but heavy into shopping.  Meaning there are only a few things to see but a lot of places to purchase souviners and drinks.

After a couple hours of walking around and getting lost in the city we took a gondola ride.  It was rather shirt but it was cool to see what the city looks from the perspective of the canal.

Post gondola ride a few of us enjoyed a fancy vencican meal which included rice dyed with squid ink, an oyster on fire and salmon.  It was delicious.

This is the ornate chapel in Venice.
Since the streets in Venice are so small and the city is built on the water, the only mode of transportation is by walking.
A string on gondolas floating down a Canal in Venice.
Towering over Venices main canal stands of of the city’s most famous bridges.
Almost fell into the smelly water trying to take this picture of a dark Venician canal.
The sun sets over another famous church in Venice.



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