Westminster Abbey 6/8/17

Today we set out to hit some of London’s biggest and most popular attractions. We first went to see Parliament and Big Ben. Since today is election day the streets were pretty busy with media and tourists. Afterwords we walked over to Westminster Abbey the famed church in london.  The church is famous for being […]

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Scotland 6/6/17

Since I’m writing these posts from my phone I’m at the mercy of my hotels wifi. So that is why I’ve been off on my posts the last few days. On Monday the 5th of June we left London via train from Kings Cross station for Scotland. The train arrived in Edinburgh around 3pm.  Since […]

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The National Gallery 6/4/17

Today was a rather low key day.  Since yesterday was packed full of sight seeing, today we decided to take it easy.  So we decided to go the National Gallery art museum and the Tate art museum. The National Gallery contains more classical paintings (from the 1200s to late 1800s).  The Tate on the other […]

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Premier Bus Tour 6/3/17

At 5:30 am this morning we woke up and started another day packed with adventure. Our adventure today was a bus tour that took us to four popular and famous English attractions. The first attraction we visited was Windsor Castle.  This castle is a “second home” to the current Queen of England.  I only had […]

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London 6/2/17

Yesterday we landed in London after a long sleepless flight. The air conditioning on the plane was not working very well, so it felt like I was in a sauna for 8hrs.  At least my skin will be beautiful…. Due to the time change (+7hrs) when we arrived at 9am London time it felt like […]

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